Ekaterina is a hot fitness model with an athletic body

Ekaterina is a fitness model with a curvy ass
Ekaterina is a hot fitness model with an athletic body.

Ekaterina Slabunova is a fitness model from Ukraine. She is a tall and elegant woman with dark chestnut-colored hair and long legs. Her body is that of an athlete. Katya has very little body fat and her outline looks very slim, as if drawn with precision by a talented artist.  She has a small and round ass that would fit perfectly in tight jeans or a short skirt.

This photo is unique in its choice of lighting, colors, and general atmosphere. If we compare this image to most of the other photos by CÆSAR presented in TastefulGirls.com, we will clearly see that this one stands apart, because of its stronger contrast, harsher lighting, and general composition. This would be true even if only in comparison with other studio nudes.

Besides the peculiar mood of the picture, which is a matter of subjective judgment, several formal characteristics stand out as unique in his body of work. Take the camera angle, for instance. The model is photographed from her back, in a slightly low angle, showing the curves of her ass with just enough emphasis. Now look at the way the studio light is set up in a very directional fashion, creating strong contrast and adding to a powerful composition. And consider the fact that Ekaterina’s face is almost completely covered by the shadows of her own hair, and as it daringly emerges from those shadows it forcefully becomes the center of the composition, drawing the viewer’s attention away from the more natural destination of her ass and back.