Hot Ukrainian brunette Viktoriia touching her nipple

Hot Ukrainian brunette Viktoriia Aliko frontal nude
Ukrainian brunette Viktoriia Aliko touching her nipple.

Viktoriia Aliko is a gorgeous brunette from Ukraine, and she is one of the models most photographed by CÆSAR so far. They have done dozens of nude photo sets together, and the number of pictures available of Viktoriia by CÆSAR on the internet runs into the hundreds.

Here we have a simple frontal nude shot in studio (full gallery here), against a very dark background. The model poses in a symmetrical fashion, and looks at the viewer as if she were a classic Madonna on a Renaissance work of art. She touches her nipple with one hand while putting a finger lightly on her cheek, as if directing a voyeuristic spectator into her half-open mouth.

The formal simplicity of this image contrasts deeply with the erotic overtones suggested by the pose and expression of the model. She has sex in her eyes, in her touch, all over her body.

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