Viktoriia Aliko getting into her tight jeans

Viktoriia Aliko getting into her very tight jeans
Viktoriia Aliko tries to get into her very tight jeans.

This photo shows Ukrainian nude model Viktoriia Aliko twisting herself as she tries to enter her tight jeans. She is so slim and perfect, and yet she seems to have a hard time getting into her pants (see full gallery here). Just imagine how tight are those jeans! And she is not even wearing panties! If she finally manages to dress herself up in this skintight stretch-pants, she will be so hot that she will draw a lot of attention walking on the streets. I just hope she can manage to get into a t-shirt, too. Or will the shirt also be so tight that she will have to walk outdoors topless? Maybe she will just give up her jeans and her plans to go for walk, and will undress and catch some cool breeze naked by the bedroom window. I digress. That is another photo I’ve seen. Viktoriia Aliko has been in so many hot pictures that I sometimes confuse myself, as if I were seeing her naked everywhere!

Now seriously, this photo is part of a set that shows Viktoriia Aliko in her bedroom putting on her jeans, but remaining topless. This is the only photo in this series in which Viktoriia makes such a funny face, and that is why we picked this particular image as a first sample from this set for The other photos (which we plan to post here, too) are also very sexy, but there she keeps a serious and penetrating look, while here she is a funny and playful girl. This is Viktoriia Aliko: a beautiful young nude model who can play any role, naked or dressed, joyful or dramatic. That is why we all love her!

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